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How to Implement a Loading Dialog Box in Salesforce — The Easy Way

You have created the perfect page. The layout is just right, you have embraced ajax and are doing partial page updates all over the place. But how do you deal with server latency or ajax requests that have to chug through a mountain of data? If only there were a simple component that you could add to your page that would handle all of the messy JavaScript and CSS associated with those slick loading dialog boxes. Well, you’re in luck!

Fix for Salesforce.com Date Picker Year Limitation

By default the Salesforce date picker only shows a handful of values in the Year drop down field. For most applications this is just fine. But take, for example, a date of birth field. Users might not realize that you can edit the year manually in the text field and when presented with a drop down list that only shows the last 4 or 5 years, might get confused and click away. JavaScript to the rescue!

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