Category: UI/UX Design


How to Implement a Loading Dialog Box in Salesforce — The Easy Way

You have created the perfect page. The layout is just right, you have embraced ajax and are doing partial page updates all over the place. But how do you deal with server latency or ajax requests that have to chug through a mountain of data? If only there were a simple component that you could add to your page that would handle all of the messy JavaScript and CSS associated with those slick loading dialog boxes. Well, you’re in luck!

Super Simple Help Text (tooltip) Visual Force Component

Even with the most user friendly user interfaces, there are still times where a user might not understand what to do. Perhaps it’s unclear what type of data the webpage is asking for, or maybe there is some some data validation the user needs to know before entering the data. Fortunately, we can create a simple, reusable help text popup the conforms to the Salesforce design language. Check it out!

A Simple Way to Hide and Show HTML Elements Using VisualForce

It’s not 2002 anymore. There is really no excuse for having an ugly web application; even if it is a “business application”. One way to tidy up your UI and improve your UX is to dynamically hide and show elements on your Visualforce pages based on how your users interact with your page.

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