Super Simple Help Text (tooltip) Visual Force Component

Even with the most user friendly user interfaces, there are still times where a user might not understand what to do. Perhaps it’s unclear what type of data the webpage is asking for, or maybe there is some some data validation the user needs to know before entering the data. Fortunately, we can create a simple, reusable help text popup the conforms to the Salesforce design language. Check it out!


The Problem

Need to show instructions, help text or prompts to end users without taking up a lot of real estate on your Visualforce pages? Call it a tool tip, balloon help, a pop-up message, or what have you, contextual “show-on-demand” help messages are an effective way to guide your users along without filling up the page with instructions.

The Solution

Just add this super simple Page Component to your org.

Now you can add it to any Visualforce page like this:

The component will show up as an “info” icon. When you place your mouse over it, it will display the information you entered in the “helpText” attribute of the component.

You can add as many instances of this component to your page as you like. Hope this helped you out. Please leave me some feedback if it did, or if you have any questions getting this to work in your +Salesforce org.


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